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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Assessment and Evaluation in the United States

Assessment and evaluation are defined as the act of assessing or evaluating, providing a diagnosis or diagnostic study of a physical or mental condition. Assessments and evaluations are used regularly in drug and alcohol addiction treatment as it helps ensure the individual is getting the right kind of care and help they need to solve their addiction problems. In most cases, addiction assessments are conducted by medical professionals, general practitioners, addiction counselors, social workers, psychologists, psychiatrists, and health professionals whom may all have some working or dealing in the field of addiction and addiction treatment.

An assessment or evaluation will normally start with the addict seeking or wanting some kind of help, or the family may be looking for a general assessment of their situation if their loved one does not want help. Addiction assessments occur regularly in the Untied States as most people will want a professional opinion on their particular situation. It also occurs because it normally will always open a door to some kind of help that will be suited to the person’s needs who is inquiring. Of course, an assessment does not always have to be done in person; many treatment centers and medical websites offer free addiction assessments online with simple questionnaires that will help guide a person to the right kind of answers.

After an initial assessment or evaluation takes places the addict, loved ones, or family members are given the choices and options that will suit their needs. Upon this time, it simply comes down to make the correct choice about treatment and help based on the original assessment. Whether this assessment is done online or with a professional, it is an important first step to finding the right kind of help that will ensure the individual’s addiction is beaten for good. When you are referred to a type of treatment after your initial assessment, it is then up to you and or the help of a professional to ensure the treatment is followed through with. It is also important to know that a drug and alcohol addiction assessment is normally always a free service provided by the private sector and local government health care systems. These services are essential in the United States to ensure people are getting the right kind of help.

How could an addiction assessment and or evaluation possibly help my loved one?

Receiving an addiction's assessment is merely just a first step to getting help, as it will help pin point the right kind of help needed to solve the addiction. This is not counseling or treatment of any kind it is simply a person trained in the field of addiction evaluating the situation and recommending the best treatment options available. Trying to find a treatment center is not always easy, especially with so many different types available and so many different options being presented. An addiction assessment will narrow down the right one based on the information given, and will also give the family a better idea of what drug and alcohol addiction is all about. Most treatment facilities can do assessment.