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Friday, 03 June 2016

Treatment Centers Using Buprenorphine In Delaware

There are some different FDA-approved drugs available in the United States that can reverse the effects of opiates, and can save an addicts life from an overdose. Some of these drugs are used in drug treatment programs and detox centers to help addicts avoid withdrawal symptoms and the cravings that come from opiate abuse. One of the drugs used in the various treatment centers across the state of Delaware is a drug called Buprenorphine, which counter effects the opiates and prevent withdrawal symptoms from occurring within the addict. Taken in combination with another drug called Naloxone it can be used as maintenance program for former addicts while they go through rehabilitation or after treatment has been completed.

It is important to understand, however; that this drug should not be stopped abruptly, and the dosage should not be increased. When stopped abruptly, people will experience withdrawals from it, and there are some side effects that come with taking this drug. A doctor should be able to explain all the risks involved in using this form of treatment, and a knowledgeable decision should be made to determine what the best course of treatment should be.