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Tuesday, 28 March 2017

Medical Detox Centers In United States For Drugs, Medication And Alcohol

Medical detox centers and facilities operate all throughout the Untied States and provide services that allow addicts to safely stop using their current drug of choice under medical supervision. When an addict consumes any drugs or alcohol in excess over a certain period of time, the person’s body will become physically addicted to it. The body itself becomes dependent upon the substance in order to function at the level it has become accustomed to. Each drug is different and affects the body in different ways, but some drugs cause severe physical addictions and when stopped, cause severe physical withdrawals. For most addicts, these severe physical withdrawals are very painful, and can also be very dangerous to overcome.

When an addict is checked into a medical detox enter they are receiving services to help overcome the physical withdrawals from their current substance of choice. During the medical detox process, the addict is monitored and supervised by nurses and doctors, and is given prescription medications to help alleviate the withdrawal symptoms. During this time, they are tapered off of the drugs they are on if it is methadone, suboxone etc., and gradually weaned off of the prescription drugs given to them to help alleviate withdrawal symptoms. This process can typically take a week to two weeks, but it is not un-heard of for some people to be upwards to a month in a medical detox facility. This is normally in extreme cases of severe alcoholics, and methadone users on high dosages.

What is the difference between a medical detox and a regular detox center?

A medical detox center will typically have doctors and nurses on staff to monitor the more severe withdrawal cases, for example, those coming off of methadone, large quantities of alcohol, and heavy dosages of opiates. These detox centers are medically supervised as the addicts who attend them could possibly die from their withdrawal symptoms.

Medical detox centers are not rehabilitation centers in the sense where their addiction is treated, it is merely a stop over to get a person physically well enough to attend rehab when they are in a situation where they cannot just stop taking their drug of choice. Medical detox centers are both privately funded and also government funded or funded by the state. Private centers will go the extra mile for comfort and provide more amenities and luxuries, which you are paying for. State-funded programs provide the basic service and come at low-cost or no cost, and or are covered by various health insurances.

Can Medical Detox Assist with all Forms of Drug Dependency?

It is not always the case that an addict will require a medical detox, there are so many cases throughout the Untied States where individuals have been prescribed narcotic medications for various reasons, and have come to a point where they need to get off of the drug. It may have come to a point where the body has become so physically dependent on the drug that a ‘cold turkey’ withdrawal is impossible. A medical detox center is there to help these individuals successfully stop using their prescription and help them improve their overall health once they have gone through the withdrawal process. One important step with medical detox is to stabilize the patient, and this may involve many different methods, but stabilizing the patient's physical health will only help prevent them from returning to the substance they were withdrawing from. Not every individual attending a medical detox is an addict; in fact, the vast majority of private medical detox centers available in the United States assist clients who require help stopping the use of a prescription medication. Some of these facilities are set up especially for that reason, but will of course help any individual who requires assistance.