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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Drugs and Alcohol Intervention

Although a small percentage of people is able to recover from drug addiction without intervention, the majority of individuals addicted to drugs need some sort of assistance. With intervention, many people are able to stop their drug use, and get the help they need.

Drug and alcohol intervention is a process of o overcoming the barriers, which overwhelm the addict and make them realize where they stand, and what can be done to come out of the cycle of drug and alcohol addiction. A properly conducted intervention is very effective to help the individual accept treatment. This can be considered as the first part of the alcohol and drug rehab process. The intervention process can be organized by any caring relative or family member of the addict. However, it may be helpful when addressing the matter with the person in need, to have a third party present who is trained and knowledgeable about drugs and alcohol intervention. Professionals and expert interventionists, who have experience in conducting intervention, can make better judgments of the addict's needs to get the proper help. These professionals will also be more effective in dealing with the addict's problems, and persuading him or her to take steps to get better.

Steps for a successful intervention

These are the seven steps for a family intervention.

  • You have to stop rescuing your loved one.
  • Do not enable the addict in any ways.
  • Choose the best time to do your intervention
  • .Talk about specific event and be thorough and direct
  • Sets rules and consequences from this point on. Find the right family members and relatives.
  • Always listen to the addict.
  • Follow through with Plan B if the intervention does not succeed the first time.

The major factors of a successful intervention are planning, set up, and the process of the intervention. Many families think they've tried everything, but when we examine it closer, their efforts have failed because they've not been working together and moving in the same direction. The alcoholic or drug addict often plays one person off against the other ones, which keeps the family off balance. For example, dad cuts off the kid’s money, but Mom enables the kid by giving money. 

Does intervention actually work, or is it just a complete waste of time?

Intervention does actually work when done properly and effectively. The most effective interventions take place when all the family and friends are on the same page, and you have the help of a trained intervention specialist. The best option is to search out and contact an intervention group. These groups can operate privately, or it could be the pastor of a church, or even a member of AA. Either way, having someone whom has done interventions will help keep the family together and keep the intervention moving along to a successful result.