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Fentanyl Overdoses: How to Spot the Signs and Symptoms

Drug Overdose | Teen Substance Abuse

Fentanyl Overdoses: How to Spot the Signs and Symptoms

With all of the different types of substances that are abused in this day and age, the medical drugs are often the worst, based off of the negative and harsh effects that they cause on people in spite of the fact that they are made with the intention of helping people to triumph over even the most harsh and difficult of health problems.  Drug and alcohol abuse is a truly vicious and upsetting thing, and it is even more harsh and problematic when it is done with prescription drugs, particularly with very powerful prescription drugs like Fentanyl. 

In fact, this country‚Äôs problems with prescription drugs have all but taken over to the point of causing serious and very difficult problems for this country.  Currently, prescription drugs cause more addiction difficulties than all drug substances combined.  In fact, more people die from drug abuse with pill drugs like Fentanyl than those who die from all other drug substances combined.

Addiction in the United States

Drug and alcohol addiction has risen to create constant and sweeping problems all across the country, creating worry and concern like never before.  The problem has gotten so bad now that drug and alcohol addiction has been labeled a full on epidemic by multiple organizations, and many of these organizations, and many of these organizations have also studied and researched the problem intensively.  For some of their findings to give the reader more context as to just how bad this problem is, consider the following: 

  • One of the biggest problems with drug and alcohol abuse and addiction in the 21st century has been with heroin addiction and heroin abuse. Heroin, a drug that was all but completely removed from the American populace by the turn of the century due in part to massive efforts from the DEA and other government entities, has now made a huge resurgence in the country in the 21st century.  Between 2000 and 2013 the drug poisoning deaths for heroin increased all across the nation by more than four-hundred percent, and the numbers of people addicted to this drug during that same time more than tripled.  Truly, this has been a very dangerous and concerning problem for all who are involved with it as this nation's heroin death toll numbering in the tens of thousands since recording began in 2000.  Heroin, like many other substances, now has created an epidemic of its own in this country after years in relative remission.
  • Young adult substance abuse is now more concerning than perhaps it ever was before in this history of the country, with there being a full, major increase in the overall levels of substance abuse that such young individuals are exposed to annually. For example, it was found that in the year of 2008 alone, over nine percent of young adults between the ages of just twelve to seventeen yeas old were active, current, and regular users.  While it is true that the national average for people over the age of twelve being substance abusers in at thirteen percent now, a nine percent average for twelve to seventeen year olds is absolutely preposterous and were never that high before.  Now, young adults are abusing substances at rates never before seen, effectively causing serious damage in their lives and often risking their lives too.  Truly, this is a big problem and bodes very poorly for the future adult generation of this country unless major action is taken soon to address it.
  • Crystal meth, for one drug to be examined, is one of the most popular drugs that are used very frequently in this day and age. The sad truth here is that drug and alcohol abuse with this substance has been getting more and more common as the yeas go by.  For example, in 2007, four and a half percent of all American high school seniors and about four percent of all tenth graders reported that they had used meth at least once in their lives.  This is compared to the 1990s when meth was hardly even heard of in this country.  What this comes down to is that meth in general is an epidemic in this country and is only getting worse, and the demographic most affected by it has been with young adults.  If major action is not taken soon to address these issues, then they will certainly only get much worse before they get any better too. 
  • Though a lot of people do not know it, cocaine has been a seriously growing problem in this country after several years of remission. As the nation approached the turn of the century, cocaine statistics were down.  Now however, they are back up again, and professionals blame a constantly increasing heroin trafficking problem for this partially, because the general consensus has been that an increase in heroin trafficking has also led to an increase in cocaine trafficking.  Just to put this into perspective, studies show that, globally, over 756 metric tons of cocaine are seized at borders every single year.  Sadly, a huge percentage of those 756 tons are seized at U.S. borders.  In the United States, studies now show that close to one third of the entire population over the age of fourteen has tried cocaine at least once, and many of them admit that they either are or were addicted to it.
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