How to Convince Someone to Enter a Drug Treatment

How to Convince Someone to Enter a Drug Treatment?

You will discover that getting a person who is addicted to drugs or alcohol to enter a treatment program is best done by getting their agreement than attempting to “convince” them. Let the person know that you are there to support them, this assures him or her that they will have someone to turn to every step of the way, and that you are looking out for the best care possible. Be sure to take the time to acknowledge the person for every step made and a restrain of a judgmental attitude will greatly help the person make progress. During this time, you should always communicate in a calm and positive but encouraging manner. Showing the person testimonies of success by others with similar addiction can bring about agreement to also be a success. 


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Did you know this about Drug and Alcohol Intervention?


Drug and alcohol interventions are not always successful, and most interventions come down to setting the bottom line with the addict.  It normally takes a great deal of determination from the family and the interventionist to make things go right, but when it is successful the addicts tends to do very well in treatment.