Author: Marcel Gemme C.C.D.C

How to find out if someone is Using Drugs?

Suspicion means that you have a gut feeling that someone may be indulging in something. Your spouse, friend, brother, or youth who has now turned into a teen may be using drugs or abusing alcohol. You may have had your suspicions that either of those is using drugs and you want to ensure that it is true before you approach to them to talk about the situation.

There are signs that you may decide to watch out for. These are an argumentative personality, irritation, moodiness, aggressiveness or a withdrawn personality leading to one locking up in his or her room. If you knew this person to be very outgoing and fun loving, his becoming a loner is a red flag of an impending situation that you may not know of. It could be either alcohol use or abuse of drugs.

You can decide to look up at your youths friend list, has it changed? Does he still hang out with Tommy who had been his childhood friend that he always hang out with and could take a beating on behalf of? Does he have a new set of friends that give you the creeps when you look at them? If this is your situation, then you have a cause for alarm. You can decide to follow your instinct by making further investigation to find out whether the other kids are using drugs. If they are, then your teen is in trouble.

Poor performance, most likely a drop in grades of your child may be as a result of the use of drugs or alcohol. If there lacks a good description for the sudden drop in school performance, then there is a need for your intervention. Running away from this cause of alarm choosing to trust your child for what may not have a good explanation may mean a future turnout that you may regret.

Another turn of events that is mysterious and may explain the use of substance abuse is the mysterious disappearance of items in the house. You may not be in a position to explain where your house items are disappearing to and this may grow to include your jewelry. They are items that could be sold in exchange for money to buy drugs. It is good to keep a track of what you have and the money tucked in your jacket or wallet. If these disappear and you notice an irritation on your spouse or youth when you ask about the item then you have a reason for worry. A huge withdrawal from your credit card account is a reason for you to inquire if there is a use of drugs or alcohol.

A big change in personality from your better half is a worrying trend. If the partner goes missing spending unexplained weekends who knows where and with nobody knows whom is a bad sign. The trend becomes worrying after their loss of job because of calling in too many times, giving excuses, and showing up late while looking unkempt. Their full time alertness or too much sleep on this one is a cause that makes one worried as this hyperactive act may be due to an energized nature caused by the use of drugs or a drowsy state caused by the abuse of alcohol.

All those mentioned above are signs of either alcohol or substance abuse and there is a need of help when it comes to looking for a remedy. If you pay attention immediately then the sooner, the remedy will be found for your loved one. Paying close attention to the people that you live with is the source to finding help that is much needed. Making a call on the helpline provided to reach to the rehab is a swift action that will save both your life and that of the one you love. Through this, the burden of taking care of your family member is taken from being your sole responsibility. You will have received your answer to how you can be able to care for your family member with alcohol or a drug problem.

There are friends that you may have that are like family. Having one that uses drugs or abuses alcohol is a heart-breaking situation that may leave you grieving. This situation will affect you both emotionally and financially. Taking rapid steps to ensure that you have the help that is needed for these individuals is a good thing. You do not want to lose this friend so the best thing is to find help. The same is the case with a child or a spouse. Drug addiction is a hard thing to live with especially with family members indulging. It is a great cause for family break-ups and that is why you need to call the helpline as fast as you can to salvage the situation.

First hand, help in families helps to avoid another horror that may plague a family. These are instances of family violence or what can be called domestic violence. Since your life is controlled by the situation that the addicts bring in the home, it is important that you ensure that in addition to finding help for then, you find help that will benefit you too. Making an effort and finally calling the drug rehab helpline is a step to take. From the place, you will be in a position to access professional help for you and your family member.

Your involvement in the process of help is motivating to you and to your family too. Dealing with the problem single handedly is a heavy load that to many, has been impossible to bear. The counselor is designated to have a driving role and ensure that the program goes within the best guidelines for giving help. The support groups in line are very friendly and great to help families with an addict problem. The result will be a strong family brought closer together. 


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