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Inhalants. As parents, one of the substances that we worry about the most for our kids are inhalants or inhalant abuse. Though an inhalant overdose is unlikely to occur, it is still a possibility, and any chance of this happening is reason enough to do everything within our power to prevent this from happening ever. 

Furthermore, while an overdose is unlikely, what is very likely to occur is that the inhalants will act as a gateway drug for the individual. The inhalant substances will end up precipitating the individual for becoming hooked in on other substances too, which can cause a significant amount of danger and risk and severity for them. All in all this makes for a bad situation for young people who partake in inhalants.

Inhalant drugs are any drug that will produce a high by sniffing, huffing, or breathing in the substance.  Paint fumes, aerosol sprays, computer keyboard cleaner, paint thinner, these are all examples of substances that can act as an inhalant. Recreational inhalant abusers will usually wet a rag in the substance and then place the rag over their mouth and breathe in, though there are other ways to get high off of inhalants, including simply breathing in the concentrated fumes of the substance.

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