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Friday, 03 June 2016

Treatment Centers Using Buprenorphine In Iowa

When an addict is struggling with a heroin addiction, it can come down to a life-and-death situation, and the addict will put themselves in dangerous spots where they could potentially overdose and even die because of their addiction. Opiate addiction can be beat, but it takes some effort on the part of the addict and on the part of the drug and alcohol treatment program. Throughout the state of Iowa are numerous different treatment centers and detox facilities that are able to help opiate addicts. Some of these treatment programs are able to prescribe Buprenorphine, which is a drug that stops the withdrawals from occurring and when combined with a drug called Naloxone it can be used to prevent overdoses from occurring.

Typically, the drug is given as a pill that is dissolved under the tongue, and during the first few days the doctor will help establish a dose that will work and help the addict through the withdrawals and maintain their sobriety from opiates. This treatment can be dangerous also as the drug does create withdrawals, and it is important that the dose it not increased or changed abruptly, or the addict does not stop taking it abruptly. If this occurs, the addict should seek out some medical attention quickly and ensure they can become stable and back on their course of treatment.