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Addiction Rehab & Christian Services In Kansas

With drug and alcohol abuse on the rise in many parts of the United States, there have been many different shifts in how drug and alcohol rehabs operate. Many programs are becoming more specific in whom they treat and help, meaning, for example, if a person was a devout Christian, they would be able to attend specifically a Christian based substance abuse treatment center.

Did you know this about Christian drug and alcohol rehabs?

These centers are not only for devout Christians, but they are there for any individual who is battling an addiction and wants to incorporate the Christian faith into it. These centers offer different forms of drug treatment while utilizing faith based methods.

In the state of Kansas are some excellent options for Christian drug, and alcohol abused programs, where individuals can continue to use their faith to help them heal their addiction and move on in recovery. These programs can be very successful, and tend to use the 12-step model of addiction treatment to help their patients beat their individual addictions. The 12-step model of addiction treatment is traditionally a faith-based method of treatment, but so many addicts who are not faith based have utilized it to help beat their own addictions. Through helpful sponsors and local meetings, many addicts have started recovery and maintained their sobriety. Christian based drug rehabs also utilize other forms of therapy and treatment to stay diversified in what they do to help treat every form of addiction. Every individual will battle addiction differently, and this is why different forms of treatment are offered to each patient.

Here is a list of the different Christian services in Kansas. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.