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Ketamine Detox & Treatment by States

Ketamine Detox & Treatment Programs in the United States

Did you know this about Ketamine?

Ketamine is a very powerful anesthetic commonly used on animals. In small doses, it causes intense hallucinations for around an hour, but in higher doses it can cause breathing problems, vomiting and severe confusion. Its use is very popular as a "date rape" drug, mainly because of its side effect of confusion and/or amnesia.


Is Ketamine addictive?

Ketamine is a sedative which makes its user feel detached from its surrounding. It is addicting and can be abused through:

  • Injection
  • Snorting
  • Orallly

It has severe withdrawal effects as more quantity is required every time a user takes it.

How to detox from Ketamine

Chronic ketamine users should never attempt to detox off Ketamine without the help of qualified professionals. Withdrawal symptoms include agitation, confusion, memory loss, rage, nausea, respiratory depression, and cognitive impairment. Medical detox programs or a conventional detox will offer the safest options for help.

How long does Ketamine stay in your system?

Ketamine has a very short half-life of only about 2.5-4 hours. It takes just between 14-16 hours for Ketamine to be eliminated from your body completely. Although at maximum, it can take 24 hours for complete cleaning, high dosages can give different results.