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Marijuana Overdose

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Marijuana Overdose

Every week in our guides we talk about some key aspect of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction.  First we talk about a few statistics regarding addiction, and then we focus in on a key aspect of drug and alcohol abuse and addiction to get that idea well canvased and discussed so it does not get ignored or left by the wayside.  Today we are going to write about overdose on marijuana, a marijuana overdose and “how do you overdose on marijuana”.

First of all and right off the bat, let's clear the air on what exactly marijuana does to people.  This is to say that drug and alcohol abuse is a tough issue in a lot of different ways, and it has nothing to do with the specifics of the exact drug or alcohol being used and abused.  The key and absolute major important part to consider is that drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general of any kind of substance abuse is bad enough that it should absolutely be avoided at all costs for those who take part in it.  It does not matter what kind of substance abuse one is taking part in, the fact of the matter is that all substance abuse is very negative and should be avoided for those who take part in it. 

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