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Friday, 03 March 2017

Medical & Legal Professionals Programs in the United States

Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation for Medical and Legal Professionals within the United States

Drug and alcohol addiction within these two various professions is nothing new, but is typically not broadcasted as much, but the issues are still there and are very real. Legal professionals can face a high level of stress, moral dilemmas, and many of these jobs can pay very high salaries.

High-paying jobs that are very stressful or operate within a high pace, and erratic environments pose a greater chance for the person to fall into a drug or alcohol addiction, or become a weekend warrior. Medical professionals face many of the same stressors, and for some deal with death regularly, and may not be able to cope. In other circumstances, drugs are involved when medical professionals are working long hours and use drugs to stay awake and function for these lengthy periods of time.