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Morphine Treatment and Detox in United States

Morphine Treatment and Detox in the United States


Information about morphine addiction

Morphine, although mostly used as a painkiller, is a very strong opiate and can become very addictive, even if it was first used for a medical reason. Medical supervision is highly recommended to reduce the withdrawal symptoms.


Is morphine addictive?

Morphine, coming from the opium poppy plant, is known as a highly addictive drug. It is used as a pain-reliever by hospitals. The body tends to develop high tolerance as the use of this drug continues to increase. Thus, more quantity is desired to feel the same level of effect. 

How long does morphine stay in your system?

Morphine has the tendency to stay in the blood for up to 4 days. However, almost all of it can completely leave your body, in just one day! Traces of it can still be found in the urine for which urine tests are conducted.

How to detox from Morphine

Morphine addicts are putting themselves at risk if they detox off morphine without any help. The withdrawal pains will force a user to relapse very quickly. Detox from morphine should always involve medical help, or an inpatient medical detox program. Specific opioid detox centers are available.