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Treatment Centers Using Buprenorphine In New Mexico

Drug and alcohol treatment programs in the state of New Mexico are able to provide different and effective ways to treat opiate abuse, and many of these methods include detox and medical detox services as most addicts are on such large amounts of the drug that they cannot come off of it safely and will be putting his or her life at risk if they attempt to. Some of these treatment programs in the state are able to provide Buprenorphine treatment as part of the treatment process and can help an addict get started onto a maintenance program using this drug to help them avoid relapse and the possibility of overdose if they end up relapsing. These treatment methods are similar to what Suboxone and Naloxone treatment can offer, but it is important to understand that it must not be taken over long periods of time as the drugs can become habit forming for the user.

Did you know this about Buprenorphine Detox?

Buprenorphine is a partial μ-opioid agonist and κ-opioid antagonist with a long half-life and less abuse potential than methadone. For detoxification, buprenorphine is at least equivalent to methadone and is superior to clonidine.

It is recommended that if a person is on these drugs that they do not stop taking them abruptly as they will experience some form of withdrawal from them. In some cases, a user may have to attend a detox program to successfully come off of these drugs as it is a safe way to do it.

New Mexico Buprenorphine Detox Programs

Along with a list of drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers and detox programs, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration site do list there are three Buprenorphine detox programs operating in the state. Buprenorphine detox is a process to help a user of this drug safely withdrawal from it and move forward with his or her life.

What are the differences in detox programs?

There are some differences in detox programs; traditional detox centers will assist with commonly abused street drugs, which do not require a long detox. Other services in the United States include medial detox centers, which offer assistance for addicts on dangerous drugs that require medical withdrawals. Specifically, there are Buprenorphine detox programs to help people who have become dependent on the drug.