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Treatment Centers Using Buprenorphine In Oklahoma

All throughout the state of Oklahoma are many different drug and alcohol rehab programs that provide a wide variety of different treatment methods to handle substance abuse. One of these treatment methods include the use of Buprenorphine in treatment and detox to help handle opiate addiction. Many rehab programs and detox centers today are using different means to handle opiate addiction as it can be difficult to beat because of the withdrawals that are associated with it. Many users will try to avoid going through the withdrawal pains, and this is where this drug will help them as it stops the withdrawals from occurring when they are going through detox. Drug treatment is always changing and different methods are always being used to help handle addiction problems. Substituting one drug for another drug is not always a viable option, but it has helped many addicts become sober and clean off of opiates. This particular drug can become habit forming and will cause withdrawals if the user ends up stopping it abruptly or rapidly decreasing their dosage. It is important to take this drug as prescribed by the doctor.

Did you know this about Buprenorphine Detox?

Buprenorphine is a partial μ-opioid agonist and κ-opioid antagonist with a long half-life and less abuse potential than methadone. For detoxification, buprenorphine is at least equivalent to methadone and is superior to clonidine.

Are there individual detox plans?

Because Buprenorphine detox is a specialized form of treatment, the process is catered to the patient. This is because each patient will be on a different amount of the drug, and will require a unique schedule to taper off the drug. There are other factors at play, which may be any pre-existing health problems or other medications they may be taking. Because of all this, their detox process may be designed to their individual needs.

Oklahoma Buprenorphine Detox Programs

The Buprenorphine detox resources listed on the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration site only list, there is one Buprenorphine detox program available in the state of Oklahoma. This may not be a viable option for some addicts living in the state, as there may be long waiting lists to get into the program. Other services are available in neighboring states, which offer Buprenorphine detox programs.

Here is a list of the different treatment centers using buprenorphine in Oklahoma. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.

List of Treatment Centers Using Buprenorphine in Oklahoma