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Preventing an Overdose

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Preventing an Overdose

Even with something like inhalants, of course again a parent’s main concern is that their son or daughter will end up overdosing on inhalants. It does not happen often, but there certainly have been several recorded cases of people overdosing on inhalants. It can cause sudden death, related to a special phenomena when the fumes hit the brain in some people. Scientists and autopsy personnel still don't know exactly how an inhalant can kill a person, but its certainly happened before.

The best way by far to properly address inhalant abuse and to prevent an overdose on inhalants is with plain and simple education. Educating youngsters on what exactly is going on with inhalants in without a doubt the best way to really teach them about this substance and about what exactly it entails. Studies show that, when parents educate their kids about the true effects of drug and alcohol addiction, their kids will be more than twice as likely to say no to gateway drugs like inhalants, marijuana, pills. and alcohol, and more than four times as likely to say no to hard drugs like crack, meth, cocaine, and heroin.

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