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Detoxification Treatments For Drugs And Alcohol Abuse In South Dakota

At Drug Rehab Services, we strive to help people handle their addiction to drugs or alcohol. We provide assessments to help people find the right treatment for them. One of the options that we can help you with is detox programs. This page is here to give you as much information as possible on your options for detox programs in South Dakota. However, if a person you still need help finding the right detox treatments in South Dakota or elsewhere, you can contact us by phone or through our contact form.

At this point, we have a few detoxification programs in the state of South Dakota. A detox is sometimes vital to one’s drug dependency recovery, especially when one is addicted to a very strong drug (like prescription drugs and methamphetamine). The detoxification programs are located in Sioux Falls and Canton. There are still many types of programs present for the people of South Dakota. For example, there are both residential and outpatient services available. One can also find services for the hearing impaired, for DUI offenders and for those who speak Spanish. For teenagers, there are detoxification centers who will offer their services for minors.

Since there are few detoxification treatments in South Dakota, it is possible that you won’t find one that is the right fit for you. However, it is important to note that we can help you find a treatment all over the United States, just give us a call, and we can help you work out the problem.


The drug and alcohol detox process is very safe; each detox facility will take the necessary precautions to help their patients. Medical detox centers, and those facilities that deal with prescription drugs or opiates will take extra measures to help stabilize patients. Despite some withdrawals being quite dangerous at times, every patient is monitored closely.


The stabilization can happen in many different ways, but most drug and alcohol detox centers will administer some type of non-addictive drugs to help stabilize a patient. Other methods can include holistic detox treatment, or administering Suboxone or Buprenorphine, which helps with opiate addiction.


Drug detox facilities throughout the state of South Carolina will provide the necessary care and support for their clients. This entails stabilizing their withdrawals and healing them, along with stabilizing them physiologically. With the many different methods of detox provided, there is a solution to all types of addiction. 


Did you know this about drug/alcohol detox centers?

Detox programs are now becoming a part of the center the addict may be attending. In house detox allows an addict to make an easy transition from detox into treatment, and helps them avoid second guessing options for full substance abuse treatment.



Throughout  the state of South Carolina are numerous different methods of detox and withdrawal management. These programs include conventional detox, medical detox programs, home detox kits, methadone detox, and detox centers who administer Buprenorphine and or Suboxone. Each method can help treat any type of addiction, and ensure a patient is stabilized properly.

What does Drug Detox Cost?

The cost of drug and alcohol detox will be different at each facility, but many of the detox centers will accept health insurance.  Low-cost detox centers will cost anywhere from $0 to $800, and this can go up or down from there.  Private detox centers do typically cost more and can cost up to about $15,000, and this is usually because of the extra luxuries and amenities provided. 

Drug Detox Procedures Offered in South Dakota

Within the state of South Dakota are many different detox options to help treat addicts, and this does include traditional detox programs, medical detox centers, and detox facilities administering Buprenorphine as part of the treatment and detox process.  Medical detox centers are specifically equipped to help treat more severe addictions, which can be opiate addicts or prescription medication users wanting to withdraw from these drugs.

Can Withdrawals be Dangerous?

Some drug and alcohol withdrawals can be dangerous, but this is dependent on the drugs and what other problems the patient is facing. Prescription drugs, opiates, and even alcohol can bring about dangerous withdrawals, but through an effectively managed withdrawal program addicts can heal themselves.

Drug and Alcohol Detoxification Centers within South Dakota

Drug and alcohol detox can be a very comprehensive process, and does help treat all types of addiction.  Many addicts may go through detox more than once, as the withdrawals can be difficult to manage with some drugs.  The process is an important one, and every addict must go through some type of detox prior to rehabilitation.

Here is a list of the different Detox in South Dakota .The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.