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Wednesday, 28 September 2016

South Dakota Women Only Programs For Drug And Alcohol Addiction

It’s often mistaken to think that addiction to drugs or alcohol mostly affects men, but statistics show that there exists a high percentage of women suffering with some form of drug or alcohol addiction. South Dakota has around ten women’s addiction treatment facilities designed to aid women in particular. Considering that a woman may be also burdened with the welfare of a young child, suffering from physical or emotional abuse, or may even be pregnant. A woman should be given the best possible environment for recovery. The facilities below can provide the right surroundings to accomplish sobriety.

Here is a list of the different women only treatments in South Dakota. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.

The listing below is sorted by cities in alphabetic order.

South Dakota Women Only Programs For Drug And Alcohol AddictionLIT OF ALL PROGRAMS FOR WOMEN ONLY IN SOUTH DAKOTA