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Sunday, 31 July 2016

Drugs & Alcohol Detox Centers in the US

When a person is addicted to drugs or alcohol, they can have a really hard time quitting. The main reason is that withdrawal symptoms and cravings get to be too much for a person. Actually, it is strongly advised against to stop taking drugs or sometimes in spite of alcohol cold without any sort of support or supervision. Often, it can even lead to the addict having seizures, and it eventually can be fatal. Most of the time, a person has to start taking alcohol or drugs again because of the pain they are in. This is why we have detox programs, to help addicts get through the withdrawal symptoms as safely as possible.

The purpose of detox is to eliminate all residues and toxins that stay in the body due to drug or alcohol abuse. Many of these toxins can create the cravings and other very unpleasant side effects. Most of the drug rehab programs will require that a person go through a detox program. Only when a person is rid of the physical problems related to drugs can they then address the emotional and mental problems related to drug abuse.

There are different types of medical detox. There is a medical or holistic approach to drug and alcohol detox.

The medical detox is basically a program where the recovering addict is monitored by professionals who are professionally trained to make sure that the addict doesn’t have health problems related to the withdrawal they are going through. They check their vital regularly and provide medical and emotional support through their withdrawal.

There are sometimes other drugs that are used to wean the addict down. Some drugs really require a medical detox in order to stop the drugs. Such drugs are opiates, methamphetamine, etc. Because of the intense withdrawal symptoms, it is best to be monitored closely to make sure the addicts get through them quickly.

There are sometimes drugs used to alleviate the symptoms of the withdrawal. However, some of the drugs used, such as methadone, create their dependency and so people develop a new addiction when done with their detox. There are also more natural medical detox centers out there, one only has to look for them. One should educate oneself before committing himself or their loved one to a medical detox.

Is a drug and or alcohol detox center the only treatment I will need?

A detox center is only a place where an addict can be sober and get over the withdrawals from whatever substance they are coming off of. These places are not necessarily designed as a true rehabilitation center, and it is very important to attend a treatment center when a detox program has been completed. Many addicts think that when they are able to sober up through detox, they can remain clean and get his or her life back on track This is definitely not always the case, as relapse will happen very quickly the minute the cravings are triggered physically and mentally.

One can also attend a holistic detox program and get off the drug in a natural way.

Holistic detox centers are a natural way to get rid of the toxins left behind by the drug or alcohol. The detox centers use herbal remedies and homeopathy to get the person through the withdrawal. They often will use very high-quality herbs during the program. They also give a very thorough diet with fruits, vegetables, nutritional supplements in order to balance the body and help alleviate the symptoms due to withdrawal. Exercise is in addition used as it is the best way to get the body back in shape after it has been torn down by drugs or alcohol.

The number-one rule, whether it’s holistic or medical detox is always to stay hydrated. The body goes through severe hardship when one is on drugs or when one is getting off of it. Water will keep the body functioning and help the organs function properly. Remember, the body is made from 70% water. Therefore, water should be key in all treatments.

Some drug rehab treatments actually offer detox process as part of their program, if not, one needs to find a drug detox before attending a drug rehab treatment.