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Wilderness & Adventure Therapy for Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Alabama

Wilderness and Adventure Drug and Alcohol Treatment Centers in Alabama 

The drug and alcohol treatment services operating throughout the state of Alaska include many different services, some traditional and other offering unconventional approaches. Some of the non-traditional approaches to treatment include wilderness and adventure programs, which offer outdoor therapy to their patients in very serene and tranquil settings, with the combination of adventurous activities. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website, despite having a detailed website directory, there is not a specific listing of any wilderness and adventure programs operating within Alabama.

Did you know this about Wilderness/Adventure programs?

This type of program is used to push people outside of their comfort zones. Individuals participating in these outdoor activities are taking part in a healthy lifestyle. Nature can be very therapeutic, which is why it is used a lot for substance abuse treatment.

What is wilderness therapy?

These outdoor therapy programs will include therapy and counseling, but also offer such things as backpacking, hiking, rock climbing, nature studies, camping, rafting, and canoeing etc. The purpose of this is to help a patient develop a stronger connection with his or her surroundings, developing healthier relationships, and working through counseling. These types of programs can assist a person who requires more than just traditional therapy and counseling and wants to stay reconnected to nature.