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Wilderness & Adventure Therapy for Drug and Alcohol Abuse in Rhode Island

Rhode Island Substance Abuse Treatment Providing Wilderness and Adventure Bases Therapy

Despite the size and population of Rhode Island, drug addiction still affects many of the residents, families, and individuals living within the state. In order to combat these addiction problems, there are varieties of different drug and alcohol treatment centers operating within the state. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration web directory do list all the various categories of services on hand throughout the state, but it does not always provide the contact information for specialized forms of treatment. This does include no contact information for any facility that provides wilderness, and adventure based drug treatment for teens and adults.

Did you know this about Wilderness/Adventure programs?

This type of program is used to push people outside of their comfort zones. Individuals participating in these outdoor activities are taking part in a healthy lifestyle. Nature can be very therapeutic, which is why it is used a lot for substance abuse treatment.

Are most wilderness programs holistic?

Holistic treatment means the patient is not given any medications or drugs during rehabilitation, or opiate maintenance drugs, but rather given more vitamin and mineral supplementation throughout rehabilitation. Generally speaking most wilderness and adventure based drug rehab centers are holistic programs, and this is because the bulk of all therapy is taking place in nature, and the programs promote a healthy body, mind, and spirit. It is not uncommon for some programs to employ naturopathic doctors, nutritionists, and physical trainers, along with the coaches who help them through the wilderness excursions.