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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers Covered by The Holman Group in Iowa

The Holman Group is not necessarily an insurance provider, but does deliver behavioral health services for employers, associations and trusts. Behavioral health services do include the treatment of a drug or alcohol addiction, and these can be accessed by people who have the coverage. Substance abuse is a problem that does affect many of the residents in Iowa. Within the state of Iowa, roughly 55% of the population does receive its health insurance through their employer. This will include employee assistance programs, and behavioral health services. Drug addiction can be treated in many different ways, and typically an addict will start with a detox program, where they can overcome the withdrawals. Most health insurance plans will provide basic coverage for substance abuse and addiction. For example, this could include counseling and therapy, detox, inpatient treatment, or outpatient drug rehab services. Substance abuse can be properly treated, but you must reach out to local treatment services for help. Both state-funded and private drug rehab centers operate throughout the state to help addicts and their families.