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About Us

Drug Rehab Services is a free addiction resource. We are a fellowship of recovering addicts or families who dedicate their lives to providing direction and support for families in need of advice on recovery options.
Our services are free of charge.
Our substance abuse counselors are able to provide general over the phone assessments to our clients with the purpose of matching an addict needs with the appropriate method of treatment – a vital step very often neglected.
Let us help you connect the dots.

The authors of the content for does not have a medical background. The main author of the content is Marcel Gemme, owner of DRS. There a few instances where authors are mentioned with their credentials. They are 3rd party expert providing information on a specific subject. This content is subject to our Term of Use mentioned on point 1.

The authors on our expert talk are:


Bobby Newman

Steve Bruno


This website is intended for anyone with an addiction problem, any family member that has a relative with an addiction and need advice and guidance to get someone the help they need. It is intended for the general public, student and anyone looking for help.

This website is leased to RNT Consulting which is our source of income.

Our website does not display advertisement.

DRS is very proud to announce that our third-party call center partner RNT CONSULTING LLC is accredited by the DOACS, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, as a Substance Abuse Marketing Service Provider.