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Created On Friday, 05, February 2016
Modified On Thursday, 01, October 2020

Drug Rehab Centers Covered by Aetna Insurance in the USA

First established in 1850 as a provider of life insurance, Aetna has since grown to provide insurance benefits to over forty million individuals in the United States. Aetna benefits can extend to covering the costs of dental services, vision services, preventative healthcare, emergency medical services, and even drug rehabilitation treatment. Addiction to illicit or prescription drugs or alcohol can be difficult to overcome, and individuals need the right support and care to fully rehabilitate themselves and their life. Unfortunately, many individuals fail to get the appropriate treatment for their problems with substance abuse because they find that they cannot afford the necessary treatment. However, Aetna healthcare insurance clients may find that their insurance plan is designed to help cover some of the costs associated with drug rehabilitation, including hospital detoxification, hospital-based alcohol, and drug rehabilitation treatment, residential drug rehabilitation, individual therapy, outpatient counseling and more. Such coverage can allow Aetna clients to partake in needed drug treatment that they may otherwise find to be cost-prohibitive.

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Since the goal of Aetna health insurance is to assist the individual and their loved ones in maintaining healthy, happy lives, it is fitting that they provide benefits to cover treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. With the help of Aetna benefits, many individuals can receive the rehabilitation treatment they need to move forward into healthy, productive lives. Aetna Health Insurance has access to around 1.2 million health care professionals. This includes over 700,000 primary care doctors and specialists and over 5700 hospitals. Those who have insurance through Aetna have access to a range of insurance and employee benefits. Along with this, there are tools and information to help their clients make better-informed decisions about their financial well-being and healthcare. In fact, Aetna is one of the first commercial insurers to cover peer support for members.

When you have received treatment for a substance abuse problem, for example, you may need encouragement or help during or after treatment. Peer support is an evidence-based behavioral health service helping people achieve long-term goals. This is especially important when you finish any type of drug or alcohol treatment program. Being addicted to drugs does often curb any goals you may have. You learned the tools and skills needed during treatment to achieve these goals. Yet, you may need help to put things in motion.

Per the Aetna website, over 70% of their members have been referred to peer support. This is one program part of their behavioral health initiatives. Members can meet with certified peer support specialists. They will have first-hand knowledge and experience with what the client is going through. Aetna partnered with MAP Care Solutions, which is a provider of peer support services. Even twelve months after leaving a drug rehab center. You can access telephone and video peer support through Aetna.

For example, this can be talking to members, or with their family with the permission of a member. You can gain knowledge and insight into the recovery process from addiction. When others share knowledge, it does help prevent relapse. Peer support specialists will connect you with community resources and support groups. When you leave treatment, the priority is re-establishing your life again. Despite your ability to overcome the roadblocks and barriers, support is needed along the way. Per the Aetna website, as of April 1, 2019, there is no cost share for members who use peer support.

In 2017, the National Survey on Drug Use and Health estimated that roughly 19.7 million American adults battled a substance use disorder. Per the United States Census Bureau, in 2017 roughly 8.8% of Americans did not have health insurance. Struggling with addiction, while having no health insura