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Aetna Insurance Coverage Drug Rehabilitation Treatment in the USA

First established in 1850 as a provider of life insurance, Aetna has since grown to provide insurance benefits to over forty million individuals in the United States.  Aetna benefits can extend to covering the costs of dental services, vision services, preventative healthcare, emergency medical services and even drug rehabilitation treatment.

Addiction to illicit or prescription drugs or alcohol can be difficult to overcome, and individuals need the right support and care to fully rehabilitate themselves and their life.  Unfortunately, many individuals fail to get the appropriate treatment for their problems with substance abuse because they find that they cannot afford the necessary treatment.  However, Aetna healthcare insurance clients may find that their insurance plan is designed to help cover some of the costs associated with drug rehabilitation, including hospital detoxification, hospital-based alcohol and drug rehabilitation treatment, residential rehabilitation treatment, individual therapy, outpatient counseling and more. Such coverage can allow Aetna clients to partake in needed drug treatment that they may otherwise find to be cost prohibitive.

In order to find the drug rehabilitation treatment plan that is designed to address the individual’s specific needs and that is covered by their Aetna health insurance plan, the individual may find the website at to be very helpful.  The intention of this free and confidential service is to match the individual with the facility or counselor that is best suited to fully rehabilitate them to a healthy, productive life, while also ensuring that their Aetna insurance plan can help cover the costs of treatment.

Since the goal of Aetna health insurance is to assist the individual and their loved ones in maintaining healthy, happy lives, it is fitting that they provide benefits to cover treatment for drug or alcohol addiction.  With the help of Aetna benefits, many individuals can receive the rehabilitation treatment they need to move forward into healthy, productive lives.