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Alanon Meetings in the United States

Last updated on: Friday, 12 May 2023

Al-Anon is made up of families like yours concerned about a loved one with alcohol addiction. Family members should always access support and find help, as the toll taken on the family is quite significant. Drug Rehab Services provides a comprehensive directory of Al-Anon meetings. These meetings aim to help your family find the support they need.


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Ask a Professional

  • Are there peer support meetings for all types of addiction?

    Yes, individuals and families can find meetings for all addiction types. Alcoholics Anonymous is the most recognized. Other options include Narcotics Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, and even Pills Anonymous.

  • Do twelve-step meetings work?

    Yes, they have been proven effective for countless people. The primary reason is the ongoing support from and connection with other sober like-minded people. Many recovering addicts have found this type of support effective and practical. However, like any other form of treatment, it is essential to know if it is the right fit for your individual needs.

  • Can family members attend 12-step meetings?

    Yes, family members can attend 12-step meetings, and it is often encouraged. Family members can benefit from attending because they better understand the healing process. In addition, they can also access family support.

  • Do I need a sponsor to attend a 12-step meeting?

    No, you are not required to have a sponsor to attend a 12-step meeting. Most meetings are open to anyone who wants to attend, and you would become connected with someone who volunteers to sponsor and guide you through the process.

  • Are all group support meetings 12-step based?

    No, not every peer support group utilizes 12-step methods; this is generally specific to addicts and treating addiction. There are essentially peer support groups for every type of trauma or difficult situation. A group of people comes together to support one another and share similar experiences.

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    The questions from Addicted.org’s “Learn from our Experts” are answered by Michael Leach, CCMA. If you need further clarification on any of the questions above or have any other questions you can contact him directly at [email protected].