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Medical Detox Centers For Opiates, Medication And Alcohol In Alaska

In a lot of ways, the state of Alaska has it pretty rough in the form of drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse in general. This is a state that is the least populated per square mile of any state in the nation. In fact, it is one of the least populated of all the states period. It is very, very rural to say the least and it always has been. So, a lot of people tend to think that that should actually make Alaska a state that does not have a drug and alcohol addiction problem. Unfortunately it is the opposite that is more often than not the case.

The key problem in Alaska when it comes to drug and alcohol addiction is simply that the state has an immensely high addiction per capita rate, meaning a lot of people there abuse drugs and alcohol in comparison to the total population of people there in the state. For example, about eight percent of the entire population of the United States over the age of twelve is addicted to drugs and alcohol. In just Alaska though, the numbers are more like thirteen to fourteen percent of the population of the state is addicted to drugs and alcohol. That’s almost double the national average.

Alaska in particular tends to struggle a lot with alcohol and narcotic drugs. A lot of the time people generally speaking go to Alaska to “Get away from it all” so to speak, and a lot of people go there to be reclusive and keep to themselves. This is probably part of the reason why the drug and alcohol addiction problem there is as bad as it is now. Alcoholism is probably the worst of them all in Alaska, and Alaska has sometimes been considered the number one state in the nation for alcoholism on a per capita basis.

Did you know this about medical detox?

A medical detox is not your typical detox for addicts; they typically help addicts, who take high dosages of opiates, extreme alcoholics, and those on large dosages of prescription medications, because of the strong withdrawal effects..

Approaching the Problem with Medical Detox

Unlike in previous decades, the types of drugs and alcohol that people are getting addicted to today cannot be quit cold turkey. “Chemical Dependence” is the factor in place here. Nowadays, essentially every single drug and of course alcohol will create a varying degree of chemical dependence in those who take that drug or alcohol. Back in the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s, drugs like LSD, mushrooms, marijuana, cocaine, PCP, and other hallucinogens were the talk of the day and none of these drugs create chemical dependencies of any kind at all.

Now, the opposite is the case. Drug and alcohol abuse creates chemical dependencies so powerful that people struggle and suffer left and right in ways that they cannot possibly win against on their own. This is the sad truth of the matter. Prescription drugs, heroin, crack, meth, alcohol, all of these produce terrible chemical dependencies.

Enter in medical detoxification centers and clinics. Inpatient medical detox centers and programs do wonders for helping people to fight against and actually win against their chemical dependence issues and struggles. Now more than ever this is a positive and a worthwhile thing to do. For individuals who suffer with chemical dependence, medical detox is the best way to beat the problem. Medical detoxes help addicts in Alaska by effectively utilizing other medicines and physical help to bring them down off of whatever is in their system. All in all a successful route for such addicts. With medical detox, those who suffer with chemical dependence in Alaska can finally utilize the medicines, the doctor’s supervision, and the array of amenities offered and medical detox centers. These programs are totally supervised and monitored as well so that clients have the most comfortable experience possible.

Within the state of Alaska, medical detox services are provided through local hospitals and state-funded programs. These services are essential to people who cannot stop using their substance of choice without medical care and the use of other drugs.

Alaska Medical Detox Facilities

Throughout the state of Alaska, there are not many detox facilities, let alone medical detox programs. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website does list 11 locations where detox centers and provided, and this does include medical detox options. It is important not to attempt detox at home, especially when withdrawals can be dangerous, medical detox programs allow a patient to go through controlled withdrawals.

How long does medical detox last?

The medical detox process can last anywhere from one week, to upwards of a few weeks, but this does depend upon the severity of the addiction or dependency. Some drugs, such as dangerous opiates will require a long detox period, as the withdrawals can be dangerous. Drug withdrawals will cause many physical symptoms, and each patient will go through a different experience during their detox.

Below, you will find a list of Medical Detox for Opiates, Medication and Alcohol Abuse in Alaska. These facilities are medically supervised but you should reconfirm with the facilities. The list maybe incomplete and if you have a hard time finding the proper service, call one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.