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Alaska Short Term Or 28 Days Treatment For Drug And Alcohol Abuse

Most residential short term drug and alcohol treatment centers will last for two to four weeks. In most cases, this can be an excellent solution for a person dealing with a drug or alcohol addiction. When the person is an extremely heavy and long term user, this is not always the best solution, but can still help.

Did you know this about short term drug treatment programs?

Short term drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs are usually associated with 28 day programs. This is not always the case, some short term programs will only last a couple weeks, but do have aftercare programs set up to help maintain sobriety.

28 Days Drug and Alcohol Rehab Centers

Many long term addicts have attended a 28-day drug and alcohol rehabilitation center at some point during their addiction. Some addicts have seen success after their treatment, other have had to re-attend the program to continue treatment. A 28-day program will last not longer than 28 days, and will provide all the necessary treatment options to help a person with addiction. Some of these 28 day programs can be both private and government funded, or covered by insurance. If an addict is unsure about treatment and will not commit to a long-term program, a 28-day treatment option is a good place for them to receive treatment.

In the state of Alaska, there are just over five different centers, with the majority of them located in the city of Sitka. Find the right help as soon as you can, as it can potentially be too late.

Alaska Short-Term Drug Treatment Programs

Unfortunately, within the state of Alaska are only eight different short-term drug treatment programs, which are listed on the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration website. Drug and alcohol addiction problems plague so many different people living within the state of Alaska, and many of these individuals live in small and remote communities, and do not always have access to the right type of services for drug treatment.

What Does Short-Term Drug Treatment Offer?

Each short-term drug rehab program will provide different services, as well as traditional and modern approaches to help their clients. Addicts can also locate unique and specialized approaches to help treat more severe addictions. Despite short-term programs not always offering long-term treatment, effective drug rehabilitation is delivered to all clients, and family counseling for family and friends.

Here is a list of the different short-term inpatient programs in Alaska. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.