Substance Abuse Treatment Covered by UnitedHealthcare in Alaska

Last updated: 04 August 2022

UnitedHealthCare health insurance plans in Alaska offer numerous drug treatment options and utilizing health insurance can significantly reduce the cost of drug rehab. provides an extensive list of drug rehabs in Alaska that accept UnitedHealthCare, because insurance coverage varies from center to center. We aim to help you find drug rehab covered by your insurance.


List of rehabs that accept UnitedHealthcare in Alaska

Below is a list of the different drug rehab centers that accept UnitedHealthCare in Alaska. Each listing provides information on the types of services provided and the payment options available. You can also find accreditations and certifications to help you determine if the rehab center is trusted and has the expertise you are looking for. The list can be incomplete so please do not hesitate to contact a treatment specialist at 1-800-304-2219.

Commitment to Quality's team of addiction professionals has over 100 years of combined experience in the field of substance use and addiction recovery. They use this experience when assessing each service listed in our directory. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding any of the listings in our directory, you can contact the team directly at We will utilize your feedback to make any necessary updates to our list of services.

United Health Group is one of the nation's largest insurers, and within its health insurance policies and packages, recipients can receive coverage for the treatment of a drug or alcohol addiction. Within the state of Alaska, those who are covered under United Healthcare insurance, and depending on their plan can access in-network treatment services for addiction. These types of programs will have discounted rates to people who are covered with United Healthcare insurance, depending on the plan. People struggling with addiction in Alaska can also look at out-of-network treatment options, but there may be a larger co-pay or out of the pocket expense. Drug and alcohol addiction impacts many people in the state, and it is important to find the right help. Most families with a loved one who is struggling with a drug or alcohol addiction will be searching for affordable help and may have to rely on their health insurance to help pay for treatment.

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What's Next?

After completing a drug rehab in Alaska covered by UnitedHealthCare, aftercare support is the next step. It is challenging to know what aftercare should be considered. However, the most common approaches include outpatient programs, sober living homes, sober coaching, or recovery meetings. Many of these aftercare options are available in Alaska. The goal is to help you or your loved one continue the recovery journey.

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