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Alcohol Detoxification Programs for Alcoholism in Idaho

Where can I find an alcohol detox in Idaho?

The different drug and alcohol detox facilities within the state of Idaho include a few distinctive options to help alcoholics. Alcohol detox can last seven days or more, but this will depend on the severity of the addiction, health problems, other types of drugs, or any medications they may be taking.

Alcohol addiction is a dangerous withdrawal to go through. Most addicts or heavy drinkers require an alcohol detox to help them. Alcohol detox programs in Idaho are inpatient facilities, typically operating through a medical detox program. Severe alcohol addiction requires a detox to manage withdrawal symptoms. Alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening in some situations. During the first 8 to 10 hours, the addict will experience severe anxiety and insomnia. Once they reach the 24-hour mark the heartbeat increases, blood pressure rises, and body temperature increases. It is important to have the proper medical staff to monitor the patient through this step of detox. Alcohol detox programs will have medical staff, such as doctors and nurses. During the two to four-day mark, there is a risk of seizures and hallucinations. The body and mind are going into a state of shock with not having any alcohol in the system. Once detox is complete, an addict must attend a drug treatment center. Some alcoholics will take Naltrexone or Vivitrol to reduce the intake of alcohol. However, these drugs should not be a substitute for treatment.

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Dr. Rohit is a Diplomate of the American Society of Addiction Medicine who has been supervising successful detox for over 13 years. He also has helped hundreds of people getting off drugs and alcohol addiction.

Idaho is one of the largest states in the country but has a small population density with only 22 people for every square mile. According to the latest census, the state is home to around 1.79 million people. Since 2018, there has been a population growth of 2.05%, and the sparseness of the population is attributed to the Rocky Mountains and expansive lakes. The most populated city in the state is Boise with around 218 thousand people and Warm River is the least populated. Despite Idaho being a less densely populated state, many families and individuals struggle with drug and alcohol addiction. According to the National Institute of Health, in 2015, 2.86 gallons of ethanol per capita was consumed. Throughout 2015 to 2019 this has since dropped to 2.76 gallons per capita which is above the national average.

Alcohol becomes a highly addictive drug because of the physical and psychological dependence it creates. Anyone is at risk for developing a problem with alcohol, given the right circumstances. Many of the alcohol dependency problems start with binge Definition of the word binge drinking. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control reported that an estimated 65 million Americans reported binge drinking in this past month. It is also estimated that more than 15 million Americans struggle with an alcohol use disorder in the United States. Unfortunately, only less than 8% of those individuals get help. Your mind and body quickly become dependent on the drug because it provides increased dopamine Definition of the word Dopaminelevels. Alcohol is a central nervous system Definition of the word central nervous system depressant Definition of the word depressant and amplifies current emotions.

It is common for people who are depressed and lonely, struggle with emotional stress, and bored, to turn to alcohol as a way to cope with their issues. For example, many alcoholics in Idaho use alcohol to manage physical and emotional pain. Going to an alcohol treatment program addresses these issues, and treats the underlying problems connected to the addiction. Along with the underlying psychological issues, alcohol creates health complications. Alcohol abuse causes alcohol poisoning, sexual dysfunction, and liver damage. Short-term and long-term effects include brain damage, cirrhosis Definition of the word cirrhosis, and an increased risk of heart disease and cancer. These problems are preventable if you stop drinking. However, if excessive drinking continues, your chances of developing these problems increases.

Finding the right type of treatment in Idaho is important. Throughout the state are residential and outpatient rehab centers that will treat alcohol addiction. A long-term inpatient rehabilitation option is the best choice. However, it is not always easy to convince an alcoholic to seek out help. Typically, an intervention is done to convince the addict about the importance of getting help. Interventions are successful and do work, only if a professional interventionist is hired. Alcoholics have an option of using naltrexone or Vivitrol in combination with rehabilitation. The research has shown that naltrexone will reduce cravings, yet does not work for everyone. This drug should only be taken in combination with rehabilitation and proper counseling and therapy.

Idaho Addiction Services by Type of Drug

Idaho Addiction Services by Type of Drug

Here is a list of detox centers for Alcohol addiction in Idaho. The list can be incomplete so if you cannot find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.

List of Alcohol Detox Programs in Idaho

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