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Is Alcohol a Poison?

When alcohol is metabolized in the body, it essentially becomes a poison called acetaldehyde, which certain enzymes and molecules in the liver and body must attack, in order to remove the poison. The body can be successful with removing the poison, only allowing it to do a small amount of damage if a few drinks are consumed.

However, when more than a few drinks are consumed, the body and liver can only produce so much of the enzyme and molecules needed to remove the poison. Because of this, the poison will remain in the body longer, which causes the acetaldehyde to build up, as the liver creates more of what it needs to remove it. The results of larger amounts of acetaldehyde being left in the body longer lead to the symptoms of a hangover, such as fatigue, stomach irritation, and a sense of illness all over, when a person wakes up after a night of drinking.

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