Drug Rehab Centers Covered by AmeriHealth in Georgia

Last updated: Thursday, 25, November 2021


All throughout the state of Georgia, drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs are located in the various counties and are available to help men, women, and teens struggling with substance abuse problems. These different facilities include long-term and short-term programs that can offer very specific treatment options for addicts, which may include DUI and DWI programs, and drug rehab centers set up to help addicts who are caught up in the criminal justice system. Costs of drug and alcohol rehab can vary from center to center, but many drug rehab programs in the state of Georgia are able to accept health insurance and benefit plans that will be able to cover the costs involved in treatment. It is important to contact the drug and alcohol rehab program directly to find out if AmeriHealth insurance covers the drug rehab methods offered. In some cases, a patient may have to pay for living costs at residential drug rehab, while the treatment methods will be covered under health insurance.

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