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Addiction Services for Girls Under 18 by State

Addiction Services for Girls Under 18 by State

Are Adolescent Girls More Prone to Drug Abuse?

Most parents believe their children will not become involved with drugs and alcohol. Typically, this is true, and many of the national stats show a decline in teen drug use in recent years. Unfortunately, there are still teen girls who become addicted to drugs or alcohol. Adolescent girls often have more vulnerability to developing alcohol and drug problems. This is because of the greater susceptibility to peer pressure. Girls are often more likely to self-medicate, per research done through Drug-Free America. Within this research, adolescent girls perceive the benefits of using drugs and alcohol.

Many will be under that misconception that the drugs and alcohol will help them deal with their problems. According to a Partnership Attitude Tracking Study, close to 70% of teen girls indicated kids use drugs to deal with problems at home. When children are growing up within an unstable home environment, they are more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol. The drugs and alcohol are used to help forget the problems of life. Whether this is marijuana, nicotine, alcohol, or prescription drugs, there is always a reason why they choose to use it.

Many adolescent teen girls have the wrong information about drugs. Before drug education was really at the forefront of the United States. There was a misconception that many of these drugs could not become addictive. Adolescent teen girls are also more susceptible to drug or alcohol abuse when they have friends who do it. Associating with people who abuse these substances will drastically increase your chances to also abuse drugs and alcohol.