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Christian Rehabs by State

Christian Rehabs by State

Are Christian Drug Rehab Centers Private or Government-Funded Programs?

Alcoholics Anonymous was the first type of 12-step recovery group and is based on Christian principles. Both private and publicly funded drug rehab centers are faith-based, as the average government-funded program uses 12-step methods and approaches. Alcoholics Anonymous has spread across the globe, and 12-step meetings are free to attend. Even private drug rehab centers can be faith-based, and use Christian principles to help each client. The Salvation Army is a well-known Christian organization, and to this day provides faith-based rehabilitation and recovery programs. For example, there are the Adult Rehabilitation and Harbor Lights programs. And there are Salvation Army centers throughout the United States. Many other faith-based drug rehab programs have also sprung up across the nation. Many of these programs are set around the Christian faith, but other religions are also used as part of treatment is other programs.

Private treatment centers are privately owned facilities, which are essentially a home away from home. Staff is available around the clock to attend to the patient’s needs, starting with detox, recovery and therapy, and even aftercare. Many Christian drug rehab centers do operate privately and offer spiritual, physical, and psychological treatment. When you are choosing a private center, health insurance can help, but this will depend on the type of insurance you have. Speak to the various private Christian programs, and private programs are often more effective for people who have a long history of drug abuse. Addicts who have failed attempts at treatment and a lack of support network will benefit from a private Christian treatment program. Within the non-profit sector, faith-based programs are common. This is because they provide affordable treatment and many of these centers are operated by the church they are connected to. Within each state are both inpatient and outpatient centers, and are much more affordable for addicts and their families.

You can contact your local church, social services, public health offices, or even your family doctor may know. Some non-profit programs may have waiting lists because of the number of people searching for help. The financial requirements for each type of these programs do vary but are not near the cost of private drug rehab. Non-profit drug rehab programs can be just as effective as a private center, and in the long run, it depends on what you are putting into treatment. Some government-funded programs will incorporate the Christian faith. These are often facilities providing 12-step treatment methods and the services are either free or based on your income. Many options are available throughout the country, and choosing the right one is important. Take the time that is needed to ensure you get the help you want. The treatment should address all aspects of the addiction, and the combination of spiritual, physical and psychological healing is important.