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Drug Rehabs for Men by State

Drug Rehabs for Men by State

Are Men More Prone to Drug & Alcohol Addiction?

According to the National Institute on Substance Abuse, men develop more severe drug addiction problems. Anyone is prone to becoming addicted to drugs under the right circumstances. However, men are more likely to become addicted to drugs, than women. Some of the national surveys have shown that men are more likely to abuse substances due to peer pressure or to be part of a group. Illicit drug use among men is more likely to result in emergency room visits or overdose. Statistically, men have higher rates of use or dependence.

There are also differences in substance abuse patterns among men and women. A National Survey on Drug Use and Health show men aged 18 or older have twice the rate of substance abuse than women. Yet, men and women ages 12 to 17 have the same rate of substance abuse. Typically, if a man starts to abuse drugs and alcohol before the age of 18, they will continue to do so throughout their early adult years. It is estimated that around 70% of the adult addicts in the United States are men. Statistically, men are more prone to addiction than women. There are countless factors that lead to addiction. When struggling with a drug or alcohol problem, it is important to get the right help.