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Free Or Low-budget Rehab Centers For Drug And Alcohol Addiction In Arkansas

Within the state of Arkansas, there are just over five different locations where a free and or affordable drug and or alcohol rehabilitation program can be found. Some families are in desperate situations and do not necessarily have the funds to send their loved one a costly treatment center. These programs will be there to help those in need, and give the addict a chance at regaining his or her life.

Did you know this about free or low budget rehabilitation centers?

Some programs are set up with the help of dedicated volunteers and organizations. They provide funding to keep them open and at a low cost or no cost. Some are also funded by the state, so low income homes can get help for their loved ones.

A low budget or free drug rehab center is a program that will be entirely funded by an outside source or completely operated by volunteers and donations. Throughout Arkansas, substance abuse is a problem that many people struggle with, and with the right help, any addiction can be overcome. Free and low-budget drug treatment services, will not be long programs or necessarily always residential. Very often these centers or services may operate as shelters or an outpatient program because of the budget. Often these services help the homeless population which is struggling with addiction and mental-health problems. Free or low-budget services are important in low-income communities and down-town cores where large homeless populations are. Substance abuse can be a devastating problem for anyone, but homeless is especially vulnerable when struggling with a drug addiction. Addiction will cause so many problems physically and mentally, and when you are unable to afford any type of help, it does take a greater toll on the body.

Here is a list of free or low-budget rehabilitation programs in Arkansas. The list can be incomplete so if you cannot find what you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact one of our counselors at 1-800-304-2219.