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What Is Beer Made of and Is It Healthy?

Beer can be made from a variety of different grains, but typically it is water, grains, hops, and yeast, and malted barley are the most common. Some beers in the United States are made with wheat, maize or rice, and some fruits and spices are added to create a unique taste. The alcohol content in beer can range from 3% to 40%, but the average beer consumed will have between 4% and 6% alcohol. The grains, yeast, and hops in beer will have carbohydrates, and small amounts of vitamin B and potassium, but beer is not a source of nutrients. It is often recommended that if a person does not drink, it is not always a good idea to start drinking.

Drinking too much beer or drinking beer in excess is dangerous and bad for your physical and mental health. The heavy use of beer will increase the risk of liver cancer, cirrhosis Definition of the word cirrhosis, obesity, and alcoholism. Heavy binge Definition of the word binge drinkers of beer will increase their risk for a stroke, hypertension, weight gain, and various cancers. It is not uncommon for heavy beer drinkers to be overweight, and this is because liquid calories are easy to overdo, and the average 12-ounce beer contains 150 calories. Drinking lots of beer or drinking alcohol, in general, will make a person hungry, and a person will tend to eat more, especially with fatty and fried foods. Drinking too much beer will of course cause someone to become intoxicated, which will lead to an impairment in judgment, vision, speech, and impulses. Being intoxicated will then lead to many other problems causing physical or mental harm.

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