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Cigna Insurance And Drug Rehabilitation Treatment

With President Obama’s Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act now in effect, many Americans have been searching for the right health insurance plan for their families. With the threat of substance abuse, including prescription medication abuse, such a prominent concern in current society, it is important to ensure that one’s health insurance plan also provides support and benefits to help cover the costs of rehabilitation treatment.

Cigna insurance and its predecessor companies have been in the business of providing affordable healthcare to individuals around the world for over two hundred years. In addition to helping their policy holders address basic healthcare costs, Cigna may also be able to help clients with the costs associated with drug rehabilitation, alcohol rehabilitation, detoxification, counseling, therapy or addiction treatment. In an effort to assist clients in resolving their problems with chemical dependency and alcoholism, Cigna’s Behavioral Health division specializes in treatment of these problems and can support and offer benefits to many clients who need them.

Did you know this about Cigna health insurance?

Cigna Health insurance will cover some basic costs for being admitted into a drug and alcohol treatment center, while it will not cover everything, a family struggling financially will be able to get some form of help for substance abuse issues.

Of course successful rehabilitation begins with finding the right rehabilitation facility for the individual’s specific needs. Cigna insurance clients may find that their plan opens the door to some of the best addiction treatment available, but it is important to find the right treatment facility that meets their specific needs and is also available through their insurance plan. is devoted to helping individuals not only find the right rehabilitation treatment facility for their needs, but also match them to the facility that accepts their Cigna insurance plan. Help is free, immediate and confidential, and can be welcome when trying to determine what path to take in resolving problems with substance abuse.


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