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Dexedrine Detox & Rehabs by States

Dexedrine Detox Clinics In the United States

Why is detox needed for Dexedrine, isn't it a prescribed medicine?

1. Detox is a safe and controlled method of reducing or stopping use of an addictive substance. In the case of Dexedrine, its use and withdrawals can cause psychotic Definition of the word episodes that resemble schizophrenia. You need to be safe and not subject to being incarcerated into a mental institution for a mental illness you don’t really have.

2. Dexedrine use and its withdrawals can cause coma, heart attack, and severe blood pressure changes. In a detox setting you will be medically monitored in case this happens.

3. Opposite to the over stimulation that dexedrine imposes on the body, withdrawals can cause severe lingering depression leading to suicidal thoughts. You want to be in a safe place where these symptoms would be watched for.

Did you know this about dexedrine?

Dexedrine is a central nervous system Definition of the word stimulant, and is regularly used to treat people with ADHD. It was also used commonly by Air Force personnel as a ‘go pill’. It is frequently used recreationally and does provide a euphoric high for the users. Overdoses are rarely fatal, but do lead to many different symptoms.

Is a psychotic break possible while detoxing off of Dexedrine?

It is quite possible due to the volatile nature of this drug to experience disturbing mental withdrawals, along with many physical symptoms. A supervised detox program is certainly beneficial and working with a general practitioner will ensure the process is done safely.

Withdrawal symptoms that may occur during detox:

Nightmares and extended restless sleep, lethargy
Deep lingering depression leading to suicidal thoughts
Anger and aggressive or violent behavior

Types of drug detox: You may wish to taper slowly off under a doctor's supervision. If medical problems are indicated it is best to seek care in a medically monitored detox facility. The roughest way to go is cold turkey, and for the reasons above, is not indicated as a recommended detox method.

Is Dexedrine addictive?

Being a nervous system stimulant, Dexedrine calms people down who have ADHD and who struggle with sleep disorders. It can only be taken orally and has been recognized for medical uses. However, it has a high potential for abuse and such abuse can lead to addiction.

How long does Dexedrine stay in your system?

Ingested in different ways, there are 4 types of tests that can detect Dexedrine in your system:

  • Urine: detected within 1-2 days
  • Blood: detected within 1-2 days
  • Saliva: detected within 1-2 days
  • Hair follicle: detectable up to 90 days