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Meth (methamphetamine) Detox Clinics In the United States

Because of the severe withdrawal symptoms of a frequent meth user, it is highly recommended that detox be done in a very controlled and safe environment. Here are some of the withdrawal symptoms that typically occur during detox:

  • Cannot sleep, restless, can’t keep still
  • Exhaustion (but cannot sleep)
  • Mental fog, cognitive impairment
  • Anxiety and panic attacks, paranoia (can be extreme)
  • Craving the drug
  • Psychosis
  • Extreme hunger
  • Severe depression

Did you know this about crystal meth?

With a regular use, the withdrawal phases can last from three to four weeks while experiencing continual crashes. Overdoses from crystal meth can and do occur, and go from moderate to severe being death, which is preceded by convulsions and coma.

Does methamphetamine cause adverse physical reactions and damage?

Meth gives the user a state of euphoria and on-going alertness, and many users have seen some dangerous physical damage to their body because of meth use. Long term meth users can see drastic changes in their physical appearance along with their mental state.

When a meth user stops using meth and is in a medically monitored detox, sedatives at least will be given to help them get through the extreme agitation and insomnia, and will lower the risk of heart attack or self inflicted injury.

Because of the corrosive nature of this substance (eats away teeth, for instance)
And the way it kills brain cells, some of the damage from meth use is not always repairable.

Detox should be followed by a LONG TERM drug detox program to allow the body to try to heal from the damage that has been done. This might take 60, 90 days or more.

Is methamphetamine addictive?

Having limited medical use, meth is a highly addictive stimulant that increases activity and wakefulness. This increased activity wants users to use it more frequently so that they can stay high. You can expect users not to sleep for longer than expected hours.

How long does methamphetamine stay in your system?

Methamphetamine can last from 8 to 24 hours. However, about 50% of the drug gets removed from the body within 12 hours of ingestion. It can be detected in urine from an hour up to 72 hours after use. It altogether can be detected from 2-4 days in the body.