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Over The Counter Drug Rehabs & Detox by States

Over The Counter Drug Detox In The United States

Cough and cold medication can be procured without a prescription to a pharmacy. These medications when they contain DXM or CODEINE are very addictive.

Please note: medications containing DXM when taken with “non-drowsy” allergy medication can cause respiratory failure and other life-threatening effects.

DXM is particularly addictive, and the withdrawals can be life threatening due to the effect it has upon the motor controls of the brain. Therefore, coma, respiratory failure, and schizophrenic-like symptoms can arise from both from over use and from withdrawing from it. Brain damage has been recorded from abusing this drug.

How could over the counter medications possibly be addictive?

Many over the counter drugs contain very small amounts of narcotics or addictive drugs within them. If an addict really wants to, they can consume enough to get a buzz or high off of it. They can be addictive in a sense where it can be an easy high when using large quantities and knowing the availability is always there.

Codeine is an opioid: however, unlike morphine it has a very high active absorption level when taken orally. Almost 90% of the drug taken retains its active characteristic after passing through the liver. Therefore, it is dangerously subject to overdose. Withdrawal symptoms from codeine can include insomnia, cramping, fever//chills, bleeding stomach, dehydration, body pain, headache.

Speak to a counselor at for a recommended drug detox program for over the counter addiction. The fact that it is procured without a prescription does not make it any less dangerous to detox from without assistance, and careful monitoring.

Did you know this about over the counter medications?

In the US, the FDA monitors and regulates the sale of OTC medications. Many drug stores in the US have now removed product containing pseudoephedrine, and a person must go directly to a pharmacist to receive any products with this chemical.

How long do over the counter drugs stay in your system?

Over the counter drugs can be of three types, which have different lengths of staying in the body.

  • Opioids: urine: 3-4 days, hair: 90 days, and blood: up to 12 hours.
  • Benzodiazepines: urine: 3-6 weeks, hair: up to 90 days, and blood: 2-3 days.
  • Amphetamines: urine: 1-3 days, hair: up to 90 days, and blood: about 12 hours.

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