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PCP Detox Centers In The United States

PCP is a highly dangerous drug not only to take, but also to stop taking without very careful medical monitoring and care. This drug can cause schizophrenic type hallucinations, and can lead to violent and destructive actions both to self or others in their vicinity. PCP was originally used by surgeons as an anaesthetic, however, due to the number of patients who woke up delusional the drug was banned from the medical use.

Did you know this about PCP?

This drug typically comes as a powder or a liquid form, but is normally sprayed onto substances that can be smoked. It is important to know that psychological effects do occur among users, some leading to overdose and death.

As an alternative marketing strategy, Veterinarians were encouraged to use the drug for animals undergoing surgery, but PCP was also withdrawn from this market in 1978 for the same reasons as above.

Does PCP make a person feel no pain?

Because PCP acts as an anesthetic a person using it will not feel much, but this drug will cause severe psychotic Definition of the word breaks and psychosis, along with dangerous withdrawals and severe hallucinations.

The drug acts as central nervous system Definition of the word depressant Definition of the word and therefore, seizures and coma are two pitfalls that must be watched carefully for.

Detox which includes medical monitoring for habitual PCP users must be considered mandatory for the reasons listed above.

How long does PCP stay in your system?

PCP can be tested using 4 different testing methods:

  • Urine test: 1-7 days for infrequent users, and 1-4 weeks for frequent users
  • Blood test: for up to 24 hours
  • Saliva test: from 1-10 days
  • Hair test: up to 90 days

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