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Drug & Alcohol Detox Centers Using Suboxone by State

Drug & Alcohol Detox Centers Using Suboxone by State

Treatment Centers Using Suboxone In the United States

Opioid addiction in the United States has become an ever growing epidemic, and cities throughout the USA are facing problems with heroin, pain medication, and other illicit opiates. Crime and drug addiction become a very vicious circle for many addicts, while others become physically dependent on opiates because of a prescription that may have never been stopped or has been taken long past the time it was needed. There are numerous drug and alcohol treatment programs throughout the country that are able to help and treat opioid addiction, along with very effective drug and alcohol detox programs that will be able to handle the most severe addictions, and safely withdrawal a person off of these drugs. The withdrawal process is the most difficult part in this type of addiction or physical dependency, as depending on the amount a person is taking; it can be potentially life threatening for the individual if they abruptly stop taking these drugs. Many users will turn to other means to help them detox, and one of those methods are the use of Suboxone, which is used in treatment and detox from opiates.

Suboxone is an opioid replacement therapy that, when taken on a consistent timeline it will help prevent a person from experiencing opioid withdrawal and the sickness that comes with it. The FDA approved Suboxone in early 2000, and it provided another option for opiate addicts to use when withdrawing off of these drugs. When a patient seeks out this treatment, they must first be approved by a doctor licensed to prescribe it. Typically, this means that the individual’s health is at a point where they can handle taking this drug, and of course most doctors will recommend that the patient attends some form of drug and alcohol treatment to help treat their addiction issues and or substance abuse problems. Suboxone will also be prescribed in drug and alcohol treatment and detox programs, if a person seeks to attend a facility that offers it. The medication is typically is a tablet of some kind that is placed under the tongue and slowly dissolved, and it is very long-lasting and slow acting. The drug is taken once per day, and the prescribing doctor will determine the right dose that will be suited for the patient.

When looking at Suboxone treatment it is best to first talk to a doctor, and even an addiction's counselor, someone who is familiar with the treatment. This way, it can be decided if this treatment is best for the situation a person may be in. Suboxone treatment has typically worked well for short term opiate users, or individuals who have not been using opiates for long periods of time. This also includes opiate users who are not on large dosages of these drugs, but that is not to say that it has not helped heavy users and long term addicts. These types of treatments are being offered more throughout the drug and alcohol rehabilitation sector in the United States, and this treatment combined with effective drug and alcohol counseling, and therapy have helped handle many different forms of opioid addiction.

Medically-assisted Detox programs with Suboxone in the United States

We provide a list of detoxification programs that use Suboxone during the detox process all over the United States. Some of the more populated states (such as California and Florida) will offer many facilities where you or a loved one can receive detox services using suboxone. Some states have barely any options when it comes to this type of detox method, but other detoxification methods may be available. If you need help, you can call us. Before choosing a detox with Suboxone, we recommend you contact the facility and confirm that the service is offered.