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Detoxification & Rehabs for Ritalin (Methylphenidate) Abuse in Washington D.C.

Anyone who is abusing Ritalin is more than likely consuming a large dosage of the drug to lengthen the effects of it. There are numerous negative side effects connected to the abuse of Ritalin, and this includes suppressed appetite, anxiety, chest pain, increased blood pressure, chest pain, confusion, and seizures. Ritalin can be connected to drug overdose, but this will usually involve very large amounts and typically a mixture of other substances or alcohol. Ritalin addiction and abuse impacts young people greatly, because it is this particular age group of early teens to early twenties who is prescribed Ritalin.

The proper treatment of a Ritalin addiction or abuse problem should start on a detox program, and after that either an inpatient or residential drug treatment center in Washington D.C. will be effective. Detox off of Ritalin is not severe, and will be similar to a detox off of cocaine. With the correct help, an addict can overcome these problems successfully.

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