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Substance Abuse Counseling by State

Substance Abuse Counseling by State

Different Types of Counseling Services for Drug & Alcohol Addiction in the United States


The whole purpose of going to any drug and alcohol treatment program in the United States is to receive effective counseling and therapy. Across the country are thousands of drug and alcohol treatment programs, offering various methodologies of treatment. What is at the core of all these treatment services is some type of substance abuse counseling. The counseling or therapy is the process of getting down to the underlying issues and creating new and healthy behaviors to ensure you can maintain sobriety and have to not worry about why you are abusing drugs and alcohol. Most Americans will be familiar with some basic forms of counseling, which can be provided through various settings. There is individual counseling, and this is a one-on-one approach, with a trained, addiction's counselor, therapist, psychologist, social worker, or anyone who would be a certified and qualified counselor. Individual counseling can be quite effective, and does help address the underlying issues, and the individual can feel comfortable knowing their conversation is kept between two people. Individual counseling can be gotten through outpatient treatment, inpatient care, or simply a therapy or counseling service or program.

Family counseling programs involve the whole family and are an important part of the drug rehabilitation process. Many of the drug and alcohol treatment programs within the United States will provide family counseling services. This will involve the family sitting down with a qualified and trained professional and working through their issues. More importantly, they are gaining a better understanding about what the addict is going through, and how they can provide continuing support for them. Family counseling is an effective solution, and all families with a loved one going through treatment, are encouraged to receive this type of counseling. Family counseling programs can be accessed through outpatient treatment, residential care, and family counseling services throughout the United States. There are often situations where a couple is caught up with drugs or alcohol abuse and will require treatment or some type of couple's counseling. When you go through couple's counseling, you are doing this as a couple, and working with a trained and qualified professional. Couple's counseling can be effective, but it will be dependent upon how serious the problems are. Couples who both use drugs and alcohol and go to a drug rehab center together will not always have the best success. If the couple can go to different drug rehab centers, there will be more success with the treatment and rehabilitation.



Dr. Rohit is a Diplomate of the American Society of Addiction Medicine who has been supervising successful detox for over 13 years.


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