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Search Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Alabama by County

While substance abuse has been on the rise all across the nation for some time, certain states have been affected more so than others have. Alabama is one of those states. Alabama has always been a hot spot for cocaine, crack, and meth, given its rural and rustic southern geography. Now, with the advent of prescription drug abuse, Alabama has experienced yet another steep climb in drug and alcohol addiction.

Addressing the Problem

Drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation is easily the best way to tackle addiction. It is the most effective and the most intensive. It is strongly encouraged that those who are addicted enter into and go through inpatient rehab programs.

Alabama has lots of inpatient rehab centers that are of good repute, like:

  • The Tri County Treatment Center in Birmingham which focuses on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and full chemical detoxification
  • Huntsville Recovery Inc. in Bradford which focuses on long term, inpatient care
  • and the ECD Program Inc. in Mobile which concentrates not only on drug addiction recovery but also on reintegrating people back into society as responsible, respectable, hardworking adults.

The National Survey on Drug Use and Health listed inpatient rehab centers as being the most successful way to tackle an addiction problem. Now more than ever Alabama families need to focus on getting their resident addicts off of the streets and into rehab.

(The National Survey on Drug Use and Health,, provides data not only on the drug addiction problem in the nation, but also on addiction recovery centers where such problems can be addressed.)

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