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Last edited on: Sunday, 21 July 2019

Search Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Alaska by Borough

Alaska, unique in so many other ways, is also a state that is unique in its substance abuse. Drug and alcohol addiction has swept across the nation in recent years, and Alaska has not been missed. This state struggles in particular with its sheer prevalence of addiction to drugs and alcohol. Though the state is very sparsely populated, the state has very concentrated addiction.

Addressing the Problem with Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation

Alaska has an addiction problem but that does not mean that those who are addicted in Alaska cannot receive help. Rehabilitation for drug and alcohol addiction of an inpatient nature is the best shot that such addicts have. When an addiction to drugs or alcohol sets in, it becomes a life-gripping problem. Only an inpatient, residential addiction center can provide the types of services that can address it properly. For Alaska addicts, their lives are at risk, and rehab is the best shot that they have at a new, sober future.

Some of the rehab centers in Alaska are:

  • Family Centered Services of Alaska, an addiction rehab center in Fairbanks that focuses on involving the addict's family in their treatment program.
  • The Fairbanks Native Association, a rehab center also in Fairbanks that services both Native Americans and non-natives alike.
  • The Summit of North Star in North Star that concentrates on reintegration and coping strategies.

Addiction to drugs and alcohol does not have to be a permanent crisis. With rehab, it can and is addressed.

(The Office of the President of the United States of America, provides critical information on the current drug addiction problem and potential resources for battling it.)