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Last edited on: Sunday, 21 July 2019

Search Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Arizona by County

Arizona is a desert state with a big drug and alcohol addiction problem. While Arizona tends to be either heavily urbanized or completely rural, the state is a very economically successful one, being a tourism destination, and a vacation home destination. It is also a big retirement destination. Arizona tends to come off and on the radar here and there when it comes to addiction. Over the last few years though the substance abuse problem here has been particularly concerning.

A Need for Drug & Alcohol Rehabilitation

Arizona has problems with addiction to drugs and alcohol alike on both sides of the age spectrum. The young adults and the senior citizens suffer the most here. This means that the need for drug and alcohol addiction rehabilitation programs here has never been more prevalent. Thankfully, Arizona is also one of the top ranked states in the Union for substance abuse rehabilitation programs. Now more than ever, Arizona addicts need to reach out and get into addiction rehab before it is too late.

Some of the top rehab centers in Arizona are:

  • The Arizona Children Association, a rehab center in Apache Junction that specializes in young adults who are addicted to drugs and alcohol-induced
  • The Tilda Manor in Mesa, which is a luxury treatment center with plenty of amenities and a very nice facility.
  • A Better Today Recovery Center in Scottsdale, which focuses on long term treatment and residential care.

Arizona has a big addiction problem, but thankfully the state has good addiction resources as well.