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Last edited on: Sunday, 21 July 2019

Search Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Colorado by County

Of course, one of the biggest concerns regarding Colorado lately is their semi-recent and total legalization of marijuana. Has it been good for the state? Has it been bad? Maybe something in between? What exactly has come about in the state as a result of making the number one gateway drug in the nation a legal and easy-to-get substance?

While the state’s economy has certainly benefited from the taxation of marijuana, here is some data on the adverse effects of its legalization:

  • Columbia University weighed in on this. Researchers performing a toxicology examination of about 24,000 driving fatalities concluded that marijuana contributed to no less than 12% of traffic deaths in 2010, tripled from only just a decade earlier.
  • Colorado drugged driving is a big problem for the state’s youth. One in eight high school seniors responding to a 2010 survey admitted that they drove after smoking marijuana.
  • Sadly, nearly a quarter of drivers killed in a drug-related car crash were younger than 25.
  • To add insult to injury, nearly half of fatally injured drivers who tested positive for marijuana were younger than age 25.

Colorado Needs Drugs and Alcohol Addiction Rehabilitation

One of the things that is adamantly going to happen when a state legalizes a gateway drug is that more people are going to use it, and more people are going to become addicted to hard drugs later on as result of it. This is a fact. For this reason, Colorado needs to especially focus on getting its drug and alcohol addicts into and through inpatient rehabilitation programs. If this is done and if this is done soon, then the state can start to suffer a little less from addiction and substance abuse. Some rehab centers in Colorado are:

  • The Harmony Foundation Inc. in Estes Park that offers inpatient detoxification and rehabilitation both
  • Inner Balance Health Center, an addiction rehab center that focuses on holistic recovery.
  • Cedar Rehabilitation in Aurora which focuses on addiction recovery for persons of all ages.

(The Columbia University, researches addiction problems regularly to inform Americans on the addiction crisis.)