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One of the problems within the field of addiction is some "referral agencies" are, in fact, owned by treatment centers to fill their beds, which is by itself misleading visitors. This is widely covered on the Internet https://theintercept.com/2017/10/17/google-search-drug-use-opioid-epidemic/.

 DRS and RNT CONSULTING LLC are an independent website and call center not owned by any treatment. We are also trying to refer you to treatment that believes in good treatment practice, not rehabs that substitute an addiction with another dependency using medication. We believe that a drug-free life can be achieved. Medication can be used but only for detox purpose.

Our goal is to give you the possibility of attain a drug-free life.


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Search Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Florida by County

There is no doubt in anyone’s minds that Florida is a top state for addiction to drugs and alcohol. It is a retirement, tourism, and recreation state, which always makes for more addiction. More than eighty percent of the nation’s pharmaceutical companies reside in Florida too, which makes for a massive abundance of prescription drugs and resultant drug abuse in Florida. Florida is also a hotspot for drug trafficking from other countries. Finally, Florida has now become a major center for meth production and distribution.

Florida has experienced one of the highest localizations of prescription drug abuse, with no less than eighteen percent of adults between the ages of eighteen and twenty-six abusing prescription drugs at some point in their lives.

Florida Needs Drugs and Alcohol Rehabilitation

Inpatient, residential rehabilitation centers for drug and alcohol addiction are the solution to the drug problem in Florida. Coincidentally, Florida has a lot of rehab centers, but they are incredibly expensive and are usually unattainable. Thankfully, thousands of drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers exist all across the nation that are affordable and are attainable. With the help of these centers, addiction can be brought down to a manageable and eventually negligible level. Some of the Florida centers are:

  • Social Solutions Inc. in Sebring which focuses on reintegrating recovered addicts back into American society.
  • The Upens Foundation in Bartow which has a focus on long term, inpatient, focused rehabilitation for drug and alcohol addicts.
  • The First Step Programs in Arcadia which specializes in inpatient detoxification with short term rehabilitation.

(The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, www.cdc.gov, provides statistical evidence on deaths from drug and alcohol abuse.)

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